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Criminal defense, anti-fraud, anti-corruption investigation and criminal accusation, corporate criminal risk prevention and control, criminal compliance, and criminal crisis response are also part of the traditionally  business area strengths of AllBright. The criminal attorneys of AllBright are all senior attorneys who are proficient in the criminal law and criminal procedure law of China. They all graduated from first-class law schools in China, and most of them have a master’s degree or above in criminal law and criminal procedure law; accordingly, they have a solid foundation in professional knowledge and a profound knowledge of academic theories. In particular, a considerable number of them have rich experience in criminal justice in national agencies such as public security organs, procuratorates and courts, and some are even professors of criminal law and criminal procedure law. As such, the criminal attorneys of AllBright are good at handling all kinds of major, difficult and/or complicated company-related criminal cases. Some members used to work as legal directors or compliance directors of multination corporations, renowned central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, or large enterprises, and thus have remarkable expertise and extensive experience in criminal compliance and criminal risk control.

Nowadays, by virtue of its branches all over the country and the nationwide cooperation network, AllBright has formed a complete set of interactive service systems for criminal matters. Faced with the different needs of clients in various places, especially when dealing with special cases that are concerned with a number of regions, joint civil-criminal issues or administrative-criminal issues, complicated legal relations, or involve a large dispute/ series of disputes, AllBright could complete cross-regional interaction in an efficient manner, and then design and implement the service plan that could protect the interests of clients to the greatest extent.

AllBright has undertaken criminal cases including crimes of obstructing the management order of companies and enterprises, crimes of disrupting financial management order, crimes of financial fraud, crimes of endangering tax collection and management, crimes of smuggling, crimes of disrupting market order, crimes of corruption and bribery, crimes of dereliction of duty, etc. Such crimes involve investment, banking and finance, securities, medicine, real estate, infrastructure, construction, energy, international trade, intellectual property and other industries and fields. We have successfully handled a large number of leading  cases   that impacted on the law in this area.